SOFT001 – KevolutionPurdy

This is the 1st solo album by Purdy, released at the end of 1999 , with its’ tongue in cheek title (Kevin Purdy/evolution) reflects the culmination of its’ authors creative endeavors up till the end of that century. Kevolution begins like an entrance into a dreamscape. Then the listener is taken on musical mind meld journey, through thick sonic fields of colour, infectious grooves and pulses, from minimalist to party rockin’. A landmark album for Purdy.

‘After the moon glows’ by Purdy

SOFT002 – Tyranikal – Purdy

Soft Records next release, the 12″ EP ‘Tyranikal’ by Purdy had the title track, a wonderfully abstract piece of Afroglitch stomp, about as close a Purdy ever got to making dance music, but remains wonderfully off-kilter. The 3 re-mixes are by The Kooky Kids (Johnny & Gemma), Infusion and an alt mix by Purdy. This lovely 12″ pressed on 180 g vinyl in the Czech Republic, featuring Krishna & Rhada cavorting on the cover. ‘Tyranikal’ definitely had its fun in the sun for a spell, appearing on comps around the globe and on the local front making kids all gitchy on the dance floor.

Tyranikal by Purdy

SOFTOO3 – Sirens From Here To Titan – Tooth

In 1998 Tooth (Purdy & Sir Robbo) released their 1st album independently, with no actual label. The album ‘No Strings’ became an instant classic, with its thick syrupy dope textures, bent grooves and melodies. This album pathed the way for Tooth’s personal psychedelic aspirations to flourish, with their 2nd album ‘Sirens From Here To Titan’ taking things even further. With its inner / outer space themes, all shimmering and throbbing throughout this classic work.

‘All Maps Included’ by Tooth

SOFT004 – Shift – Tooth

Our following release ‘Shift’ b/w ‘The sons of shade’ a stomping 12″ by Tooth. Delving deeply into progxotic sounds and motoric grooves, this lovely 12″, once again on big fat Czech vinyl, takes the listener places only Tooth could conjure.

‘Shift’ by Tooth

SOFT005 – Fairytale Insurance – Purdy

In 2004 Purdy released his long-awaited 2nd longplayer ‘Fairytale Insurance’ on an unsuspecting world. 4 years in the making, this album is deep with a musical vibrancy and colour. Shaped meticulously by Purdy, with the aid of a plethora of friends/guests/artists, this lovely album shimmers and rocks. It became another instant classic, featuring as ‘Album of the week’ on independent radio all over the country, with shining reviews all over the show.

Another World, Any Colour by Purdy

SOFT006 – Mudlarking – Tooth

So what happened to the 2 years leading up to the release of this spectacular double album tour de-force by ‘Mudlarking’ by Tooth? Well they were spent head down in the studio, that’s where. ‘Mudlarking’ takes Tooth to musical heights unexpected from a humble Sydney combo. Shaping & shifting from sweet subtle exotica, to hardened Moog laced prog stylings and all points in-between. Once again with a mighty gang of guest artists, including the legendary Daevid Allen (Gong, Soft Machine, poet, evolutionary), this fab double album monster, with is glorious gatefold design and layout is definitely one of the coolest things to emerge out of Oz for some time.

‘Five O’Clock’ by Tooth

SOFT007 Deviant Nature – Purdy

The recently released album by Purdy has been received very nicely so far, becoming feature ‘Album of the Week’ on Sydney’s 2SER and FBi, as well as being placed on the top picks and charts of independent radio around Australia. There has been a lot of love from old and new Purdy fans from around the globe. Deviant Nature has Purdy once again taking you on a majikal ride, through sonic landscapes only he could conjure, mixed with a bunch of rollicking good tunes.


2 responses to “Releases

  1. hello. I wanna buy ‘Sirens From Here To Titan’, ‘Fairytale Insurance’ and ‘Mudlarking’ on cd. can I do that through this site? somehow else electronically? handing over $60 to you at an inner west of Sydney pub? etc? the last option would be by far the most desirable. cheers, Dave Wilks, Tempe. p.s. what was the name of your Sat afternoon 2ser-fm radio show in early Noughties? – it’s been buggin’ me. I was an avid listener, but I forget …

    • Hey David
      I haven’t had any success in adding paypal links to my blog for the other titles for some reason.
      I think you can just send money with paypal if you just know the address, which is
      The amount would be $51.00 and I can mail it out. If that doesn’t work we can try something else.
      The show was ‘the 3rd ear’



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