Soft Records began at the very end of 1999 with the debut solo album by Purdy, entitled Kevolution (SOFT001). Kevin Purdy, aka Purdy created Soft Records as a way to release and promote his solo work as well as his other musical venture Tooth, where he teamed up with Sir Robbo and John Maddox.

Soft Records has released the Tooth albums ‘Sirens from here to Titan‘ (SOFT003) and ‘Mudlarking‘ (SOFT006), as well as the ‘Shift‘ 12″ single (SOFT004). We have also released the Purdy albums ‘Kevolution‘ (SOFT001) and ‘Fairytale Insurance‘ (SOFT005) and the 12″ EP ‘Tyranikal‘ (SOFT002). Purdy’s new album ‘Deviant Nature’ (SOFT007)is now available to buy direct here, just click the Buy Now button, only $20 worldwide postage included. There’s 3 tracks to check on this blog.

The history of Soft Records has been truly wonderful, with each new release embraced with joy by critics & punters alike. Each album has attained ‘Album Of The Week’ status with radio and street press all over the country.

We have maintained a philosophy here at Soft Records of releasing and promoting our releases in ways that are conscious of and respectful towards fellow travellers and music lovers who do not enjoy being sold trash and talked to as a target market audience. We here, LOVE music and love sharing that love.

Please stay tuned for more updates on the new Purdy album.

ou can check out: http://www.facebook.com/Purdy/149113038452055  www.myspace.com/purdypurdypurdy and www.myspace.com/toothsydney for lots more info.


4 responses to “About

  1. Hello Kevin –

    Hey, I noticed recently that email I sent to you (at kevin@softrecords.com) was not getting through. Would you still like me to send you my radio program (Echo Chamber) playlists periodically? If so, what email address should I use? Hope you are well…and that “Deviant Nature” is getting out there. I see you are now selling digitally through bandcamp.

    Got to tell you how excellent “Floating, waving, repeating signs” is… A chilled-out trip that just keeps building and adding layers…. I forgot to include this track in my recent “Magic Dub Carpet Ride” special, but will get it on the air again soon.

    Respect & Dub,
    Dr. StrangeDub
    (Michael Rose)

  2. How can I purchase if I don’t have paypal

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