Autumn News

Purdy and his wonderful 5 peice band are returning to the                Red Rattler in Marrickville for another night of musical wonders on Saturday 21st of May.  After searching high and low for other suitable venues in Sydney, apart from the RR, for gigs, we decided “Bugger It” let’s just just stay where the love is. So Purdy is returning to the Red Rattler, with support by Melodie Nelson, plus the eminent Sir Robbo on the decks. This is definitely one show to put in your diary.

And just a reminder that the Purdy and Tooth catalogue is now up on Bandcamp. Which is great as it means you can now download the albums at a much nicer price than iTunes and co. in any format you wish. You can also buy CDs direct from there or by clicking on the Buy Now button on this page.

We will be putting some nice rarities from the Soft Records vaults up on BandCamp in the very near future.

Check out the newly created Pictures and Reviews pages that have been added to this blog.


2 responses to “Autumn News

  1. It’ll happen sport

  2. hang on, I just checked again and Tooth still haven’t got their catalog on Bandcamp!!

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