New News

The ‘Deviant Nature’ launch at the Red Rattler was an extraordinarily beautiful night, with Purdy and his band joyfully re-interpreting the album, delighting the delightful audience with handfuls of sonic bliss. Sir Robbo and Lars Chresta supplied perfect DJ sets to compliment the night, with pulsings of the Velvets, Stereolab, Krautrock and pure pop rockin’ the happy listeners. Much thanks to the Red Rattler for providing the perfect venue.

Unfortunately our second gig fot the year at Raval has been cancelled. We’ll update you with future gig info as it comes to hand.

The Purdy album catalogue is now available for download on Band Camp, including his 1st solo album ‘Kevolution’, which has been unavailable for around 8 years. These are all available as full wave files, down to mini MP3 things.

Check ya later

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