Purdy’s new tracks are here

We are kicking off this new blog to announce our imminent next release ‘Deviant Nature‘ by Purdy.

Since the 2006 Tooth album Mudlarking (SOFT006) Mr Purdy has been busily beavering away on his next epic masterwork.

We’ve got the ball rolling by issuing 4 tracks from the album for radio. So far things are off to a great start, with FBi radio in Sydney, placing ‘I know, you said’ on rotation and lots of enthusiasm @ 2SER. That’s just in the first few days! Next, we’ll be getting these lovelies out to the rest of the country and the world asap.

‘Deviant Nature’ will be available in October.

The album has been wholly written and produced by Purdy. All instruments arranged and played by Purdy, except for the contributions by the lovely gang of talented lads & ladies who came to his aid. These include: Jim Denley (sax & flute), Christian Houllemare (bass & harmonica), Alex Crowfoot (vox & flute), Donna Amini (vox), Marge Smith (bass clarinet), Brian Hall (guitar), Joseph Leonard (bass & steel guitar), Rory Toomey (percussion), Niveen Abdelatty (trumpet), John Maddox (bass), Tim Batson (synths & farfisa), Kavi Samut (flute) and Jayson McBride (trombone).

There is quite a shift in the sonic soundscape this time around for Purdy’s 3rd solo release. After a long spell of creating mostly instrumental works Purdy has taken a radical departure into the world of lyrics. Not that it’s a new thing for him, with many years of writing, ie songs, poetry, short stories & plays as part of his creative story. He feels though now he has at last been able to approach words, voice, language and symbols in an honest and colourful way.


One response to “Purdy’s new tracks are here

  1. Hi Kevin,
    Deviant Nature has blown me away. It’s been such a long time since a record has got me so excited.
    If it could happen in the future I would love to do some backing vocals with you. I am a trained operatic bass-baritone with 15 years principal role experience. It would be the thrill of a life-time.
    Will try to make the live show in Sydney.
    Congratulations on a spectacular musical offering.
    Take care,
    Rick Asensio.

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